Workshop specializing in the production of mother of pearl buttons

The Mother of Pearl is the queen of our productions why we only select the finest types from around the world.

All the shells that we use, we work and we market are from unprotected species and protected by specific rules that regulate the collection, guarantee the biological balance and availability.

We specialize in the production of buttons and pearl accessories.
We also work on wood, coconut, jute horn and polyester.

Our hand-drawn patterns are discovered, molded, painted, glazed, brushed, engraved Laser tampoprinted.

custom products, unique pieces, art installations and new creations: this is on the agenda in our laboratory.



If you have an idea in mind, finding the right designer is essential. They will help you explore, develop and refine your idea further as well as think through the different components involved in the making.


Once you have researched and refined your idea, it will need to be visually presented. A designer will help you visualise your idea and explore various designs in order to find the right design or build a range of products.


Often, as part of the process of turning an idea to reality some precision is required. Technical drawings allow you to specify the requirements of your design and helps the manufacturer produce your design correctly.


Researching and sourcing the right materials for your design idea is essential. Some factories can provide materials, and sometimes you will need to source your own materials separately.

Sample Making

Even the simplest of ideas often need to be tested to make sure all components and design specifications are functional and harmonious in design. A sample is a prototype of your idea. Usually samples are made by hand by a master craftsman in order to create a perfect sample for future production. For this reason often samples are charged at a different rate to production. A spec is a blueprint of the design listing all materials used throughout the design in order to ensure consistency of future production.


To produce products in volume at a fast rate and reasonable cost, a tooling will need to be created. Tooling depends on the product type and minimums. Costs for these will vary accordingly.


“Production run” is often referred to producing more than a couple of products of the same design at the same time. Depending on the size and set up of the factories, their minimal production orders may vary from a few to hundreds of units made at the same time.

100 Clients

10 Projects

20 Partners

2 Offices

There is a laboratory in Piacenza, where they manufacture pearl buttons. And 'the BOTTONIFICIO L.A.B. For over fifty years it is synonymous with love and passion for the button.
Everything begins when, in the early 50s, Tullio Belotti, originally from Palazzolo sull'Oglio (BS), specialized at a firm producing for the area buttons machines comes Piacenza, sent as a technician at a button factory he had bought some plants to install them and train the personnel for their use. After the training, however, the holder of that factory did not want to let him go so he made him a very advantageous proposal and he decided to stay despite being away from his family and having to live in a boarding house. Here he learned the rudiments of what would become his profession for life. He specialized in the manufacture of mother of pearl, he learned to know the characteristics and to love it ... this is a passion that led him to cultivate the idea to start his own business and having at that time married to a Piacenza, Ms. Carla Ghezzi, they decided to create to this new venture. Start activity BOTTONIFICIO L.A.B. , With the first employees, on 1 March 1961. The first headquarters of the craft is in Via Stradella but after a few years the increased work necessary to move to larger premises, which are found in Via Locati. Hence, in 1968 it passes its current headquarters in Via 1 Maggio 70.
One step after another BOTTONIFICIO L.A.B. He begins to gather support from an increasingly wide clientele, a strong marketing politca that focuses on key elements such as the quality of raw materials, the accuracy of the work, creativity and imagination in the creation of models to be produced in the sample, punctual deliveries.
To keep up with the times the BOTTONIFICIO L.A.B. It has gradually developed and innovated in order to make best use of the wealth of expertise and experience accumulated over so many years. However it has maintained strictly by choice artisanal dimension that has always distinguished. And 'in fact it remained conceptually company formed by craft makers that allows you to direct the care and peculiarity of the product by combining the passion professionalism. Even today many operations are performed manually despite being present automated machining centers.

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